Sunday 11 September 2016

How to plan for website success, audio reading of Avinash Kauskik's Digital Marketing and measurement model

How to build a successful website

How to put down your tools, and form a plan

Listen to the post below, and write your website plan or risk investing a lot of money in building a website that doesn’t work to the objectives of your business.

If you want a successful website, then follow these steps and avoid the temptation to rush to pen-and-page designing your website or building a website yourself. These steps are pointless if you haven’t taken the time to establish a measurement plan for your website.

This is a reading of Avinash Kauskik's blog post titled "Digital Marketing and Measurement Model: Web Analytics". Avinash is a renowned digital analyst and marketeer. His blog post is dated, but still highly relevant today.

Help your web developer help you, by setting out your measurement strategy. It's rarely down to your design or snazzy video- lack of objectives, goals, KPI's and targets are key to being able to effectively market your website, and measure success by segmenting your data.

The five key steps to creating your measurement plan are outlines in the audio reading above. These are:

  1. Setting your business objectives
    1. Ask yourself- "Why do we exist?"
    2. Are they DUMB goals? (Doable, Understandable, Manageable, Beneficial) 
  2. Set goals for your business to reach the objective
  3. Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) to reach these goals
  4. Decide on the targets for each of your goals
  5. Segment your goals so that they can be analysed in isolation