Honest SME is about ethically saving money for small to medium sized enterprises. Think of us as Money Saving Expert(tm) but for SME's.

It's all too easy to get ripped off in as an SME; yes there are lots of free tools out there, but we need people to first:

  • Tell us what (useful) free tools exist
  • How to use them
  • Where to get help & support
Those three bullets encompass the main drive behind Honest SME. 

Why 'honest' sme? 

SME's are often driven a hard bargain when it comes to on-line media, following the latest rumour about how to 'drive more leads' and so forth. This is especially true for industries selling from the technology and on-line marketing sector, where uninformed SME's are targeted to attend expensive seminars covering information they could have found out for free if only there was a place to find it. 

Honest SME is that place.


Our content is minuscule at present, but it is set to grow weekly. There's no need to subscribe to an annoying newsletter, or pay any money. What we offer here is well informed, free advice for SME owners that can benefit from it.  

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